E-mail has a capability that many other channels don’t have: it knows how to create a personal touch of value – on a large scale.
David Newman

An excellent date to start today with a blog post test, is a phrase written by David Newman,speaker and author of Do It, Marketing. In this famed phrase he praises the value of personalization of emails, which is essential to getting twice as many conversions.

Well, my dear friends, I start one of the many tasks that I have pending and that every day I move fast, because time is gold and we must make the most of it. I wanted to put how title of this post (Blog Post Test Nov 25), even if it’s a little “orthodox” -(complying with traditional standards or practices) I thought it was the most appropriate to take out of the context of titles that fall in love, and I say it because it really is a test of entry for this blog in our internal configurations, in such a way, that my interest is to do my best, try it again and again until I achieved the final product, I could have done hidden it, but I think you should know what’s behind the scenes, why?…

Because it is the best way to demonstrate that our digital marketing services are focused on a quality product and thus increase the trust of our customers.

From the content editor we have carried out several successful tests and this is one of them. How do we do that? in this way:

We apply the Content Marketing technique that is based on creating, publishing, and sharing content of interest to our audience based on a pre-defined strategy. Thus, in this way once the corresponding analysis with our client has been carried out, we start the task of drafting the blog posts with their defined keywords and when we have the draft previously verified and approved we do the online schedules for your future posts or depending on immediate content. This part has to do with the entire Digital Marketing process contracted by the customer.

How does a blog post benefit? There are many advantages to this, but I summarize this:

As it is a content communication channel it will allow us to interact with our audience directly, whether to describe a service or product, tell a story, explain company processes, talk about news, events, conferences and many issues related to the object of the website. The main goal is to generate quality content for search engines to index you “positioning” and generate traffic to your website “attract leads” and with a good marketing strategy get those leads or leads become your ideal customers.

One of the services as a marketing strategy for our customers is the realization and implementation of an interactive blog for your website, with all the necessary features to convert more customers. We create value content according to your needs or topics related to the social object of each company, it is ideal for all kinds of businesses such as restaurants, health, transport, sports, news, travel, tourism, oil, entertainment, commerce, services, finances or a personal blog. No matter what you do, we can do it, write it and publish it to take “your expressions to the highest level” See you soon.

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