Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have doubts write to us and leave us your message.

What do I get when I buy a service?

When you buy one of our services you will definitely have a friend in Digital Marketing, whatever the service you will have advice from the beginning, direct communication, priority attention and an excellent final product. Once the payment is made, you will receive a detailed guide to the information we need to process your order and an agent will contact you via email, text or chat.

How soon will my project be ready?

Construction time depends on the requested service. In general they will be between one and four weeks, depending on the delivery of the customer information.

What files do I need?

You’ll get a detailed guide to the information we need from your business, such as:

  • Domain, name of the website.
  • History
  • What the company does (economic activity).
  • Description of products or services.
  • Location and contact.

We’re going to need pictures of the business. We will provide you with means to send the files. If you don’t have business photos, we’ll find them for you according to business activity.

What is *SEO - SEM?

Optimization in search engines or SEO.
We will take targeted actions to improve the positioning of the website in the list of results of Google and other internet search engines. Our basic SEO understands the best keywords that describe your website naturally. SEM Search Engine Marketing, we make payment services on the Google Ads platform, depending on the service purchased with us.

What is Web Support or Maintenance?

Our annual plans or packages have basic web support or maintenance, this means that we are 365 days a year pending your website, updating all its structure that composes it, plugins, integrations, hosting, failures, visibility, backups, image optimization, among others. This means that you don’t have to worry about server updates, failures, or failures that will arise in the future. Your website will be safe with us.

What is SSL and what is it for?

In other words, an SSL is a security certificate, which keeps your website safe from crooks. It is the famous padlock that appears in the url of your website (domain). Our Hosting provider works with an SSL that is free so far for all users, this can change at any time.

Can I see my design while it is being built?

Of course! Once we start working on your web design, you can watch it live! All aspects related to your website depend on the information you provide to us.

What if I don't like web design?

We have hundreds of pre-built design that encompasses all categories, if you like one in particular we will work on that design, but don’t worry, your site will be unique and exclusive. Also as it is built you will be able to see it and tell us that you like and that you do not like, so you will have the absolute certainty that your design will like it once it is finished.

How long do I have to submit the information?

You have 15 days from the time of purchase to send the information. We schedule for each client, so if the information arrives later it will cause additional hours of work.

Can I edit texts or photos?

You can make the changes you want or you can request that we do so for an extra charge.

Logos, photos and videos.

Let’s look at each point:

  • Logos: If you have a logo you can send it in its different formats, pdf, jpg and png with transparent background and in different colors. If you need to redesign the logo you have, there will be an additional cost.

All our services include a new logo at no additional cost.

  • Photos: You can send us the photos for the contracted service, these must be of good quality and have certain features such as resolution, background, light, among other aspects. You can take photos with a smartphone just keep in mind the basics to capture good photos. You can hire a professional service to take photos of your products or services.

If you don’t have photos we find them for you, there are free and paid photo banks, the latter have an additional cost.

  • Videos: We love videos and should not miss your marketing strategy. If you have videos we will give you instructions on this topic depending on the service contracted.
Do I have access to my dashboard?

Of course! We’ll send you the access keys to your dashboard in wordpress. You will be able to make the changes you want, however, we do not recommend touching any code without the prior knowledge.

I have a domain and website

Let’s go in parts:

  • We can transfer domain to our hosting for an extra charge. You must give us the login details to proceed.
  • We do not receive websites designed by third parties. This is because each web page is built with different design software and requires update keys.
Is there a money-back guarantee?

Due to the complexity of our products and services you have a 7-day money-back guarantee. Initial costs incurred with third parties we have contracted are excluded. For more information see our refund policies at: Privacy Policies and Terms of Use.

Do you have any doubts? Send us a message!

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