How do I apply Digital Marketing?

In the previous post I talked a little about the importance of Digital Marketing and some of its great advantages, so today we go to reality, how do I apply digital marketing? a rather complex question when developing and where many people get stuck because they don’t know how to apply it.

The concept is very broad under this branch, but I will speak in simple and reality-friendly terms. To apply digital marketing we must have the right tools and strategies for each entity (personal or business brand) and make an integration for each of the tools. So the first thing we have to do is our website, which has certain requirements like the SEO, that they are elegant and friendly with mobile devices and that comply with the Mobile First Index, is the latest and most advanced algorithm of one of the great GOOGLE to have your website appear in search engines, among other uses. Once you understand this, a website or blog is your commercial venue for the world, where you will talk about everything you have, what you do and offer.

Sometimes they tell me, – Jorge, but I had websites and I never got a client-. And the truth is that I’ve heard it from several people, I don’t blame them, because they weren’t well oriented or simply because at first it was a luxury to have a website, which simply served you to put your domain name on the business cards and brochure of your company and that in any case, the commercial management continued to do it personally or in person, however, it should not cease to be done.

In the virtual part happens exactly the same, if a company, company or in general your brand you do not promote it then we would say that it goes straight to failure… because you don’t sell, that simple.

A website is the same as a commercial premises, if you do not have advisors or commercial managers it would be very difficult to sell, it is possible that an establishment enters people because of the traffic transiting the area and within your strategies you have traditional marketing and with the voice-to-speech help get results, many companies have succeeded and are maintained, but What if you applied digital marketing to your business?

You’ll have a wider reach, meaning your website will reach thousands of people and this translates into greater results. There are many digital marketing strategies to do so and with all the required integration you could say that you can take “your expressions to the highest level”. A website needs commercial managers to promote it “advisers” and to understand this part a little let’s look at the following chart:

Your managers or advisors are nothing more than social media “Social networks”, + Email marketing and its automation, advertising campaigns and video marketing, all accompanied by content marketing, an appropriate SEO and a functional marketing strategy.

Then, Social Media+, would be responsible for your online business area. A communication channel that I would say “extremely powerful”.

A website is the focus of your business, the key tab of the puzzle, because there will arrive all the traffic that you generate from social networks and email marketing, you will have a segmented database, updated and ideal, you will be able to interact with them at all times and take successful decisions to achieve the goals proposed by the company, a better and greater engagement and potentialize your business in leaps and bounds.

Now, there are many ways to apply digital marketing to your business, but I’ll only mention two:

  • You can do it yourself, a long way to go, take courses and learn all their components, this if you have enough time not to focus on what you do.
  • You can hire a company that is responsible for applying Digital Marketing for you.

It’s not the same to learn, it’s not to apply. Learning Digital Marketing takes a few days, but apply and master it, many years.

Beware, with the future of your business is not played.

At Creative Click Web we want to offer you a complete service or in parts if you already have digital marketing tools, we’ll combine our best practices to make a website that meets all expectations, such as attracting leads that become leads and that your brand rolls around the world. We will do market research according to your activity and describe the best content for your website, email marketing and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, among others, with the required keywords “SEO” Search Engine Optimization, among other strategies.

Our services are all-in-one based or marketing packages, which include hosting, domain, *SSL certificate, email account and basic web security, and a number of plugins that engage your website with Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to automatically share blog content, image optimizer and all aspects that are required by Google’s Mobile First Index, among many other services.

Stay connected to our blog so you’ll be aware of all the applications we have for your Digital Marketing.

And remember that with Creative Click Web we are your friends in Digital Marketing, the best way to communicate: “Your expressions at the highest level”

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